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  • Are Criminals Influenced by Crime Dramas?
    Every year, new shows and spin-offs are added to the growing television crime drama genre. Due to their increasing prevalence, it is crucial to research any potential effects they may have on society and the way individuals perceive violence and malfeasance. The question that now emerges is whether these performances have an impact on how […]
  • Best Crime Shows To Watch in 2022
    Crime shows are everyone’s favorite. From ancient times, the sapiens are curious about their own psyche and eager to detangle every twisted knot which gives them utter doubtful vibes. Cinema, a prosperous art medium never fails to quench the thirst for mystery in our minds. Here we discuss some best crime shows you should add […]
  • Digital Rape: A Newer Terminology In The Sexual Offences
    What is Digital Rape? By the appearances of it, one could be mystified by the definition and implications of “digital rape” and even think that the quote refers to illicit conduct performed via the internet. Is there a connection between this phenomenon and cybercrime? Is the victim’s body genuinely exploited by digital rape? Many of […]
  • How To Become a Forensic Toxicologist?
    Introduction Before Covid-19, polysubstance overdose was a major public health emergency in the United States. This is referred to as exposure to more than one medication, with or without the person’s knowledge, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Usually, a mix of illegally produced fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and prescription opiates leads […]
  • South Africa’s Stupidest Criminal: Thomas Ngcobo Is Arrested After Going To Police Station For Job Query
    Law enforcement officers in the South African province of Mpumalanga were perplexed when a crook who had been evading capture for seven years, one day just strolled into the police department. No, his intention was not to surrender. instead, he came to inquire about his candidacy for a cop recruiting program and ended up being […]
  • How To Become Forensic Entomologists?
    The study of insects is known as entomology, while the scientific investigation of crimes is known as forensics. So, The study of insects in criminal investigations is known as forensic entomology. For instance, the presence of specific insect species might indicate a lot about the time, place, and manner of a person’s death. In addition, […]
  • What is Behavioural Toxicology?
    Behavioural Toxicology? The study of behavioural modifications brought on by exposure to environmental toxins is known as behavioural toxicology. It is a composite science with elements in both toxicology and cognitive science. Neurocognitive toxicology may be a suitable word to define this field of toxicology given the growing overlap between the behavioural sciences and neurology. […]
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  • 2022 IDS Forensic Science Education Series – Challenging Searches & Seizures of Digital Data
    Live webinar presented by Sidney Thaxter, Senior Litigator for the Fourth Amendment Center at NACDL Oct. 6, 2022, 12:30 pm 90 min of CLE credit anticipated Searches and seizures of digital data are now routine in criminal investigations, but the role of the Fourth Amendment in the digital world is far from settled. This training […]
  • 2022 IDS Forensic Science Education Series – Lab Quality Systems
    Live webinar presented by Dr. Peter Stout and Jake Minick Sept. 1, 2022, 12:30 pm 90 min of CLE credit anticipated This program will discuss the quality systems in place in forensic labs, including lab accreditation, analyst certification, and proficiency testing, as well as the limitations of these systems. Dr. Stout leads the Houston Forensic […]
  • Come work with us!
    IDS has a job opening for a Regional Defender based in Durham or Wake County. The Office of Indigent Defense Services is seeking a qualified individual to work to advance our mission to safeguard individual liberty and the Constitution by equipping the North Carolina public defense community with the resources it needs to achieve fair […]
  • Book Event with Chris Fabricant at Duke Law School
    September 12, 2022 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3041 Duke Law School’s Novel Justice is a book event series sponsored by the Wilson Center for Science and Justice. The Center invites authors to discuss recently published criminal justice books and to engage in Q&A with faculty and students. Chris Fabricant is the Director of […]
  • The FIU Research Forensic Library is Open!
    Florida International University has a forensic library that allows anyone to access full-text scientific articles on various forensic disciplines. This is great for understanding forensics-based issues in a case, updating your knowledge on recent developments, or even just learning more about forensic science for future use. You can also sign up for their email list […]
  • Cognitive Bias in Forensic Science and the Courtroom
    Live webinar presented by James Williams, Dr. Jeff Kukucka, and Emily Coward Aug. 4, 2022, 12:30 pm 90 min of CLE credit anticipated Description: This program will examine several ways that race affects forensic evidence. Presenters will discuss the racist or colonial roots of some of the forensic sciences, how racism manifests in some current […]
  • Cross-Examining Digital Forensic Experts Webinar
    2022 IDS Forensic Science Education Series Live webinar presented by Lars Daniel July 21, 2022, 12:30 pm 90 min of CLE credit anticipated Description: This presentation will prepare attorneys to effectively cross-examine digital evidence experts. The presenter will provide recommendations about vetting experts, including information specific to the field of digital forensics. Using cross-examination scripts, […]
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  • Cyber Forensics Expert Recovers 168,000 Deleted Files from Hunter Biden’s Laptop
    168,000 deleted files were recently recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. The recovered files were primarily system files, application files, or duplicates of files stored elsewhere on the device. However, some of the recovered data revealed information on financial dealings… The post Cyber Forensics Expert Recovers 168,000 Deleted Files from Hunter Biden’s Laptop appeared first […]
  • Cyberforensics Expert Uncovers Proof that Hunter Biden Used Burner Apps
    Further investigation into the documents and data stored on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop reveals that Biden used the applications Phoner, textPlus, and WePhone, apps that mimic “burner phones.” The applications allowed him to generate new phone numbers to make calls… The post Cyberforensics Expert Uncovers Proof that Hunter Biden Used Burner Apps appeared first on […]
  • Hunter Biden MacBook Forensics Analysis
    A Cyber Forensics examination was conducted on a MacBook Laptop hard drive purportedly owned and used solely by Robert Hunter Biden. The post Hunter Biden MacBook Forensics Analysis appeared first on Computer Forensics Experts | Cyber Forensics.
  • Cryptocurrency Fraud
    Cryptocurrency accounts wiped out ‘in an instant’ by cyber crooks. ABC Action News I-Team Investigator Adam Walser has uncovered cyber-criminals have found ways to drain people’s cryptocurrency accounts in the blink of an eye. And currently, there’s no easy way… The post Cryptocurrency Fraud appeared first on Computer Forensics Experts | Cyber Forensics.
  • As Child Pornography Proliferates, Responsibility Must Shift to Tech Providers
    Images of child sexual abuse are, unfortunately, nothing new, but a dramatic uptick in their production and distribution has law enforcement and cybersecurity experts combating an unprecedented surge. The increasing availability of digital storage, file distribution methods, and anonymized payment… The post As Child Pornography Proliferates, Responsibility Must Shift to Tech Providers appeared first on […]
  • Cyber Forensics Security Expert Interviewed by ABC Action News (WFTS Tampa Bay) Prior to Super Bowl
    Super Bowl security was unbelievably tight this year, and that’s despite the fact that the Raymond James Stadium was at nearly a third of its full capacity. COVID-19 restrictions may have helped reduce the dangers of disease transmission, but when… The post Cyber Forensics Security Expert Interviewed by ABC Action News (WFTS Tampa Bay) Prior […]
  • Cyber Forensics In the News
    A Tampa Bay Syndicate of ABC WFTS broke a story about a massive data breach and ransomware attack of a widely used software and data management company Blackbaud. Cybersecurity specialist Gus Dimitrelos offered his expertise on the crisis and questions… The post Cyber Forensics In the News appeared first on Computer Forensics Experts | Cyber […]
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  • Location Data: Parsing Semantic Location History in Google Takeout
    Oxygen Forensic® Detective can ingest and parse Google Takeout which consists of 47 various categories, which include “Location” data. Android devices record a large amount of location information, typically without the user’s knowledge. This is why parsing location data from Google Takeout can provide investigators with a good amount of… The post Location Data: Parsing […]
  • Advanced Analytics: Facial Categorization
    Oxygen Forensic® Detective offers a built-in facial categorization module. Faces wearing masks or sunglasses can be correctly detected on images extracted from mobile devices, cloud services, or computers. Users can then create face sets to make searching for faces in extracted evidence easier. In Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.15.0, we’ve enhanced… The post Advanced Analytics: Facial […]
  • Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.15.0
    The latest update to our flagship software Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.15.0 is here! This version introduces the following key features: Screen lock bypass for Xiaomi devices Android Keystore extraction from Qualcomm-based Huawei devices Semantic Location History parsing from Google Takeout New tool for calls and messages analysis Facial Categorization enhancements… The post Oxygen Forensic® Detective […]
  • Why Your Company Needs Digital Forensics
    Almost all organizations have become dependent on information technology (IT) that helps their teams perform their day-to-day tasks. This has led to growth and development in many companies but with this growth comes potential risks. These risks have created the need for a solution that can help minimize and mitigate… The post Why Your Company […]
  • New App Extraction: Skout Dating App
    Dating apps over the past 10 years have been helpful in assisting people to connect and meet new people in their surrounding area. However, it can also be used with malicious intent. In Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.6, we’ve added support for one more popular dating app – Skout.   What… The post New App Extraction: […]
  • User Searches: New Feature to Oxygen Forensic® Detective
    What are User Searches? User Searches is something that can be done on any app, web page, or chat platform. These searches are usually done to answer a question or to fix a problem.. For example, a person asking Google how to dispose of a body, may then scroll through… The post User Searches: New […]
  • macOS Extraction of System Artifacts with Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout
    Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout is a built-in module of Oxygen Forensic® Detective that extracts data from macOS, including pre-installed Apple apps, user-installed apps, system files, and user credentials. Let’s take a look at macOS system artifacts that are supported by Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout.   System Artifacts Extracted with Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout… The post macOS Extraction of […]
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  • Average Cost Of A Headstone
    Find out how much a headstone costs and what factors can make it more affordable for you. The price of a headstone depends on a number of factors including size, shape, material, and design. There are also other costs associated with purchasing a headstone like installation and maintenance fees. The ... Read more
  • 4 Common Types of Computer Crimes (And Their Impacts)
    Learn about four common types of computer crimes and their impacts in our brief overview. Computer crimes, or “cybercrimes,” have increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are four common types of computer crimes targeting businesses and individuals: Phishing – sending fraudulent messages designed to trick users into revealing sensitive ... Read more
  • How is a Body Placed in a Casket for Viewing?
    Losing a loved one and talking about death is never easy. But it’s also understandable to have questions regarding your loved one.  What happens to them once their body arrives at the funeral home? How is the body of my loved one put into a casket? Why are my loved ... Read more
  • Exhumation Guide
    Although rare, there may be some instances in which we must exhume the remains of our friends and loved ones who passed on. There are several reasons for this, but there is usually a process and means about doing it. While it’s always best to look up the laws and ... Read more
  • How Long Does it Take For a Body to Decompose Without Embalming?
    Find out how long it takes for a body to decompose without embalming and answer any other question you have about the process. Looking into this fascinating subject has brought up more than one surprise. After twelve hours, the internal tissues start to decay. However, complete decomposition of the body ... Read more
  • The Facts About Above-Ground Burial
    Deciding on a final resting place is a very personal choice. There are many things to consider, not least of which is religious and familial traditions as well as your finances and preferences. Knowing about all the funerary options available will help you make a sound decision with which you ... Read more
  • How Long Does an Autopsy Report Take?
    Find out how long it takes to get an autopsy report back and answer any other question you have about the process. Waiting for an Autopsy report can be a stressful time, whilst you await the results that can sometimes feel like it can take forever. Preliminary results of an ... Read more
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  • How old is that fingerprint?
    Forensic dramas on TV make it seem easy to determine when fingerprints were left at the scene of a crime. In reality, the oils in fingerprints degrade over time, and it's difficult to figure out their age. Now, researchers have discovered molecular markers for changes to these oils over a seven-day time period -- information […]
  • Investigation into plastic pollution moves inland
    New research highlights the increasing threat of microplastics to global farming and food production. Scientists are researching the scale of plastic pollution in agricultural soils and its impact around the world. In recent years, the use of plastics in agriculture has increased significantly. However, microplastics in soil are estimated to take up to 300 years […]
  • Sensor imperfections are perfect for forensic camera analysis
    In a project aimed at developing intelligent tools to fight child exploitation, computer scientists have developed a system to analyze the noise produced by individual cameras. This information can be used to link a video or an image to a particular camera.
  • Tracing regional origin of anything biological: Strontium isoscape mapping
    Tracing the regional origin of everything from milk to invasive bugs is now possible thanks to a new project. A strontium isotope map means biological material can be pinpointed to distinct geographical regions in Aotearoa.
  • New study confirms potential of geoelectrical methods in search for hidden graves
    New research is helping law enforcement agents, forensic scientists and historians uncover attempts to hide victims.
  • Forensic scientists improve touch DNA collection methods
    Skin cells and their DNA varies between individuals, but new data shows that some groups of people have higher variability in their cell deposits. The South Australian forensic science researchers are building a suite of new insights into crime scene investigation -- including the difference between high, intermediate and low skin 'shedders' that will help […]
  • Blow flies can be used detect use of chemical weapons, other pollutants
    A study suggests blow flies could be used to detect the use of chemical weapons -- as well as other dangerous substances -- in areas too dangerous or remote for human investigators.
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  • Moving On
    I’ve never worked anywhere for as long as I’ve worked at SANS. I started in February of 2017 and have had several roles in the company since. I started supporting OnDemand students and made my way up until I was testing lab exercises for many of the classes taught at SANS. I love the company […]
  • 2022 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Voting is now OPEN
    Yes, finally the voting is open. It has been a long road to getting here this year, just so much going on. As the DFIR Summit isn’t happening until August this year, where’s the harm in delaying the voting until such time that I could give it the attention it deserves? Also, I won’t be […]
  • Forensic 4:cast Awards – Update
    So I keep getting the question, ”when will voting for the awards open?” Well… soon. My host has been troubleshooting my site for about a month now and we’ve finally identified and resolved the issue. Now that everything is up and running again (and much time has been wasted) I’m going to keep the nominations […]
  • The Strength of a Tree
    If you’ve clicked on the link looking for a technical article, you’re going to be disappointed. This post is more about something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Last month Texas suffered another ice storm. Before moving to this state, I’d never heard of “freezing rain” and just assumed it was Texan for […]
  • Mac Randomization in Windows
    In a break from the norm, I’m going to start with a Bible reference. Romans 2:21 says:“Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself?” As a SANS Instructor this couldn’t be truer. Every time I teach a class, I am asked at least one question where I think, “huh, I’d never considered that before,” or […]
  • We Didn’t Start DFIR
    I started this back in April and hoped to have it finished for the 4:cast Awards last month. Sadly, life got in the way. This evening I had the time to finish it off. Hope you enjoy it. Lyrics below: Harlan Carvey, EnCase, Cellebrite, X-Ways Champlain, Huber, Exiftool, Ultradock 5 Sysinternals, Paraben, tools from Eric […]
  • 2022 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Nominations are Open!
    Wait, what? Didn’t the awards just finish like 3 days ago? Yes, yes they did. So why are we already seeing nominations for next year? I’m glad you asked… For the last 13 years, the Forensic 4:cast Awards has run in June/July BUT the awards are meant to be for work carried out from January […]