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  • Forensic Science E-Magazine (December 2022)
    We proudly present the December issue (Vol 11) of your favorite magazine, Forensic Science E-Magazine. The current issue of the magazine, as usual, has helpful content related to forensic science. Our editorial team works diligently to deliver the study material while keeping in mind the needs of our valued readers. We are confident that if […]
  • How To Become A DNA Analyst?
    A Scientist known as forensic DNA analyst are tasked with gathering biological data as part of a criminal inquiry. Law enforcement may use information from forensic DNA analysts’ DNA analyses to identify a victim or a perpetrator. DNA, which can be found in hair, blood, tissue, and body fluids, is akin to a person’s unique […]
  • Wildlife Forensics: A Complete Overview
    Wildlife forensics has emerged as a crucial tool for implementing laws about the illegal trade of endangered and protected animals. The ability to pinpoint the geographic origin of a material that has been seized is a relatively recent addition to this branch of forensic research.  The trade-in timber, fish, and ivory are prominent examples of […]
  • How To Become a Scientific Assistant?
    The criminal justice system greatly benefits from the application of forensic science. It requires a solid foundation in the natural sciences and the development of practical abilities in applying these disciplines to a particular field because it is an applied science. A Scientific Assistant must be able to combine knowledge and abilities while examining, analyzing, […]
  • The presence of Artifacts in the forensic biological examination
    Forensic biological examination is a part of forensic science, which has the aims of identify biological stains on findings. It is important for the identification of even the smallest biological stains and for prevent the contaminations phenomena during the forensic analysis. In addition, it is important to highlight the crucial position forensic biology has in […]
  • Career As A Forensic Accountant Or Forensic Auditor
    This is a brand new field that is in high demand. Due to the rise in corporate fraud, forensic accountant is required to recognise the components of fraud, the kind of fraud, quantify the fraudulent conduct, identify the parties involved, and present the evidence in court. There are several universities that provide specialised degrees in […]
  • Factors Affecting Fingermarks And Their Degradation: A Mini Review
    We know that physical evidence found at the crime scene might get contaminated, transition from fresh to old, lose chemical and/or physical characteristics, and might be difficult to recognize after some span of time if unattended. Likewise, fingermarks-patent or latent, can grow old and lose some identifiable features. It is important to know about the […]
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  • How to Access NC State Crime Lab Procedures and Quality Records
    Attorneys often ask me how to access the State Crime Lab’s procedures. I have described how to do it in the post below. I encourage everyone to request access to the procedures and records now because it may take at least one business day for your request to be granted. Once you are given access, […]
  • 2023 Forensic Trial Litigation CLE at Duke Law
    February 24 (2 pm to 5 pm) and February 25 (9 am to 12 pm, 2 pm to 5 pm) (and 2 hours prerecorded) Forensic evidence, from DNA to fingerprints to ballistics, has never been more important in criminal cases.  Actually litigating scientific evidence in the courtroom can be challenging and requires some specialized skills. A […]
  • Whiskey in the Courtroom 9: Evolving Trends in Forensic Science – DNA Evidence
    Registration is now open here for the ninth annual CLE, Whiskey in the Courtroom: Evolving Trends in Forensic Science, sponsored by Indigent Defense Services, the Duke Law Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility, and the Wilson Center for Science and Justice. Whiskey 9 will take place in person only on March 10, 2023 at Duke […]
  • 2023 IDS Forensic Science Education Series
    IDS and the Mecklenburg Public Defender’s Office provide regular continuing education to dozens of NC criminal defense and parent attorneys, investigators, and mitigation specialists who attend the IDS Forensic Science Education Series. In 2023, we will offer monthly 90-minute webinars on various forensic disciplines and preparations for Daubert/702 challenges. These webinars will take place typically […]
  • New Resource on Face Recognition
    The Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology has released a new report on face recognition which is designed to serve as a resource for researchers and criminal justice stakeholders encountering this technology. The report, “A Forensic Without the Science: Face Recognition in U.S. Criminal Investigations” and accompanying resources, including a brief, motion, affidavit, and […]
  • Corrective Action investigation of former Bode DNA analyst Mollie Megahee
    Defense attorneys should be aware of an issue involving a DNA analyst at Bode Technology. Bode is a private accredited laboratory that performs DNA and other forensic analyses. Bode has a memorandum of understanding to perform DNA testing of previously untested sexual assault kits for the NC State Crime Lab. Also, Bode is a lab […]
  • Is the caller the killer?
    ProPublica reporter Brett Murphy published his first article in a series of investigative reporting about a controversial method being used by some law enforcement officers to determine whether a 911 caller is guilty or innocent. NC homicide investigators were trained at a NC Homicide Investigators Association Conference by the method’s creator, Tracy Harpster. The method […]
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  • Cyber Forensics Expert Recovers 168,000 Deleted Files from Hunter Biden’s Laptop
    168,000 deleted files were recently recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. The recovered files were primarily system files, application files, or duplicates of files stored elsewhere on the device. However, some of the recovered data revealed information on financial dealings… The post Cyber Forensics Expert Recovers 168,000 Deleted Files from Hunter Biden’s Laptop appeared first […]
  • Cyberforensics Expert Uncovers Proof that Hunter Biden Used Burner Apps
    Further investigation into the documents and data stored on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop reveals that Biden used the applications Phoner, textPlus, and WePhone, apps that mimic “burner phones.” The applications allowed him to generate new phone numbers to make calls… The post Cyberforensics Expert Uncovers Proof that Hunter Biden Used Burner Apps appeared first on […]
  • Hunter Biden MacBook Forensics Analysis
    A Cyber Forensics examination was conducted on a MacBook Laptop hard drive purportedly owned and used solely by Robert Hunter Biden. The post Hunter Biden MacBook Forensics Analysis appeared first on Computer Forensics Experts | Cyber Forensics.
  • Cryptocurrency Fraud
    Cryptocurrency accounts wiped out ‘in an instant’ by cyber crooks. ABC Action News I-Team Investigator Adam Walser has uncovered cyber-criminals have found ways to drain people’s cryptocurrency accounts in the blink of an eye. And currently, there’s no easy way… The post Cryptocurrency Fraud appeared first on Computer Forensics Experts | Cyber Forensics.
  • As Child Pornography Proliferates, Responsibility Must Shift to Tech Providers
    Images of child sexual abuse are, unfortunately, nothing new, but a dramatic uptick in their production and distribution has law enforcement and cybersecurity experts combating an unprecedented surge. The increasing availability of digital storage, file distribution methods, and anonymized payment… The post As Child Pornography Proliferates, Responsibility Must Shift to Tech Providers appeared first on […]
  • Cyber Forensics Security Expert Interviewed by ABC Action News (WFTS Tampa Bay) Prior to Super Bowl
    Super Bowl security was unbelievably tight this year, and that’s despite the fact that the Raymond James Stadium was at nearly a third of its full capacity. COVID-19 restrictions may have helped reduce the dangers of disease transmission, but when… The post Cyber Forensics Security Expert Interviewed by ABC Action News (WFTS Tampa Bay) Prior […]
  • Cyber Forensics In the News
    A Tampa Bay Syndicate of ABC WFTS broke a story about a massive data breach and ransomware attack of a widely used software and data management company Blackbaud. Cybersecurity specialist Gus Dimitrelos offered his expertise on the crisis and questions… The post Cyber Forensics In the News appeared first on Computer Forensics Experts | Cyber […]
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  • Extract PrivateSpace Data on Huawei Devices
    With over 200 million Huawei devices worldwide, having the ability to extract from Huawei devices and individual applications on these devices is also important. Investigators have the ability to extract data from PrivateSpace on Huawei devices based on Kirin chipsets with Oxygen Forensic® Detective. Learn more about Huawei extraction methods.… The post Extract PrivateSpace Data […]
  • How to Extract Data from Vault Apps
    What are Vault Apps? Vault and private storage apps allow users to hide content like photos, videos, messages, contacts, calls, browsing history, notes, and other sensitive data within a device. Usually, vault apps are password-protected and even encrypted. These apps guarantee privacy and safe storage of user’s confidential data. However,… The post How to Extract […]
  • Enhanced Linux support in Oxygen Forensic® Detective
    In Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.15.2 we have enhanced support for Linux devices by making data collection easier for our users  and added support for the XFS file system that is frequently used in the newest Linux versions. KeyScout can now extract from Linux-operated devices: Cron tasks SSH keys Information about… The post Enhanced Linux support […]
  • KeyScout Updates
    KeyScout is a tool included in Oxygen Forensic® Detective that helps collect and provide data into computer artifacts. It offers insights into passwords, applications, and system artifacts. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. We update our software, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, 6+ times per year, KeyScout being one of… The post KeyScout Updates appeared […]
  • Year in Review 2022
    2022 is at a close and we are thankful for you, our customers. We want to thank our customers for their continued support and feedback to help make us one of the best digital forensic software providers on the market. Let’s recap all that we’ve accomplished – together. Our continual… The post Year in Review […]
  • Top Software Updates in 2022
    As this year comes to a close, we want to review the top advancements we’ve made to our software in 2022. Table of Contents Mobile Data Extraction Cloud Data Extraction Computer Artifacts Data Import Data Analytics Related Articles   Mobile Data Extraction This year we’ve introduced numerous methods and features… The post Top Software Updates […]
  • Samsung Device Data Extraction in Oxygen Forensic® Detective
    Samsung has been leading the global market in manufacturing mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets for many years. Gaining access to digital evidence stored in popular Samsung devices has always been of vital importance to forensic investigators. Currently, Samsung occupies 28,19 % of the market share. Knowing this, Oxygen Forensic® Detective… The post Samsung Device Data […]
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  • Average Cost Of A Headstone
    Find out how much a headstone costs and what factors can make it more affordable for you. The price of a headstone depends on a number of factors including size, shape, material, and design. There are also other costs associated with purchasing a headstone like installation and maintenance fees. The ... Read more
  • 4 Common Types of Computer Crimes (And Their Impacts)
    Learn about four common types of computer crimes and their impacts in our brief overview. Computer crimes, or “cybercrimes,” have increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are four common types of computer crimes targeting businesses and individuals: Phishing – sending fraudulent messages designed to trick users into revealing sensitive ... Read more
  • How is a Body Placed in a Casket for Viewing?
    Losing a loved one and talking about death is never easy. But it’s also understandable to have questions regarding your loved one.  What happens to them once their body arrives at the funeral home? How is the body of my loved one put into a casket? Why are my loved ... Read more
  • Exhumation Guide
    Although rare, there may be some instances in which we must exhume the remains of our friends and loved ones who passed on. There are several reasons for this, but there is usually a process and means about doing it. While it’s always best to look up the laws and ... Read more
  • How Long Does it Take For a Body to Decompose Without Embalming?
    Find out how long it takes for a body to decompose without embalming and answer any other question you have about the process. Looking into this fascinating subject has brought up more than one surprise. After twelve hours, the internal tissues start to decay. However, complete decomposition of the body ... Read more
  • The Facts About Above-Ground Burial
    Deciding on a final resting place is a very personal choice. There are many things to consider, not least of which is religious and familial traditions as well as your finances and preferences. Knowing about all the funerary options available will help you make a sound decision with which you ... Read more
  • How Long Does an Autopsy Report Take?
    Find out how long it takes to get an autopsy report back and answer any other question you have about the process. Waiting for an Autopsy report can be a stressful time, whilst you await the results that can sometimes feel like it can take forever. Preliminary results of an ... Read more
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  • Automatic speaker recognition technology outperforms human listeners in the courtroom
    The forensic-voice-comparison system, based on state-of-the-art automatic-speaker-recognition technology, outperformed all the listeners.
  • Medical privacy of forensic samples questioned
    Watch any episode of 'CSI,' and a character will use forensic DNA profiling to identify a criminal. A new study suggests that these forensic profiles may indirectly reveal medical information -- perhaps even those of crime victims -- contrary to what the legal field has believed for nearly 30 years. The findings could have ethical […]
  • How old is that fingerprint?
    Forensic dramas on TV make it seem easy to determine when fingerprints were left at the scene of a crime. In reality, the oils in fingerprints degrade over time, and it's difficult to figure out their age. Now, researchers have discovered molecular markers for changes to these oils over a seven-day time period -- information […]
  • Investigation into plastic pollution moves inland
    New research highlights the increasing threat of microplastics to global farming and food production. Scientists are researching the scale of plastic pollution in agricultural soils and its impact around the world. In recent years, the use of plastics in agriculture has increased significantly. However, microplastics in soil are estimated to take up to 300 years […]
  • Sensor imperfections are perfect for forensic camera analysis
    In a project aimed at developing intelligent tools to fight child exploitation, computer scientists have developed a system to analyze the noise produced by individual cameras. This information can be used to link a video or an image to a particular camera.
  • Tracing regional origin of anything biological: Strontium isoscape mapping
    Tracing the regional origin of everything from milk to invasive bugs is now possible thanks to a new project. A strontium isotope map means biological material can be pinpointed to distinct geographical regions in Aotearoa.
  • New study confirms potential of geoelectrical methods in search for hidden graves
    New research is helping law enforcement agents, forensic scientists and historians uncover attempts to hide victims.
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  • Moving On
    I’ve never worked anywhere for as long as I’ve worked at SANS. I started in February of 2017 and have had several roles in the company since. I started supporting OnDemand students and made my way up until I was testing lab exercises for many of the classes taught at SANS. I love the company […]
  • 2022 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Voting is now OPEN
    Yes, finally the voting is open. It has been a long road to getting here this year, just so much going on. As the DFIR Summit isn’t happening until August this year, where’s the harm in delaying the voting until such time that I could give it the attention it deserves? Also, I won’t be […]
  • Forensic 4:cast Awards – Update
    So I keep getting the question, ”when will voting for the awards open?” Well… soon. My host has been troubleshooting my site for about a month now and we’ve finally identified and resolved the issue. Now that everything is up and running again (and much time has been wasted) I’m going to keep the nominations […]
  • The Strength of a Tree
    If you’ve clicked on the link looking for a technical article, you’re going to be disappointed. This post is more about something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Last month Texas suffered another ice storm. Before moving to this state, I’d never heard of “freezing rain” and just assumed it was Texan for […]
  • Mac Randomization in Windows
    In a break from the norm, I’m going to start with a Bible reference. Romans 2:21 says:“Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself?” As a SANS Instructor this couldn’t be truer. Every time I teach a class, I am asked at least one question where I think, “huh, I’d never considered that before,” or […]
  • We Didn’t Start DFIR
    I started this back in April and hoped to have it finished for the 4:cast Awards last month. Sadly, life got in the way. This evening I had the time to finish it off. Hope you enjoy it. Lyrics below: Harlan Carvey, EnCase, Cellebrite, X-Ways Champlain, Huber, Exiftool, Ultradock 5 Sysinternals, Paraben, tools from Eric […]
  • 2022 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Nominations are Open!
    Wait, what? Didn’t the awards just finish like 3 days ago? Yes, yes they did. So why are we already seeing nominations for next year? I’m glad you asked… For the last 13 years, the Forensic 4:cast Awards has run in June/July BUT the awards are meant to be for work carried out from January […]